Back 9AM TUESDAY, 16 MARCH 2021

We have around 250 ewes bedded in at the farm and preparing to give birth to their lambs over the next few weeks…
Please watch as our Farmers do their very best, as always, to help bring new life into the world.  Available 24/7 by following the link here!

Click here for LIVE LAMB CAM

Thank you all for your continued support, we have been overwhelmed by the good wishes from supporters particularly those followers of our Live Lamb Cam during this Lockdown – thank you, it really has kept us going!
Live Lamb Cam and daily Facebook Live broadcasts are back, they come with a warning – our Lambing Live event is just that – it’s live, unfolding, there will be live births and distressing situations, we never know whether we are going to make you laugh or cry, it is as real as it can be and we really want to share it with you all.