LAMBING LIVE is now over for 2022! Thank you for watching!

We have loved the questions and the interactions, thank you!

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We hope that we lightened the lockdowns for you with our LIVE LAMB CAM 2020 & 2021.

We were delighted to once again open for LAMBING LIVE in 2022 – please do come & see us, we will have lots of baby animals throughout the year!

We will once again have hundreds of lambs due in February/March/April 2023, as always, it will be an exciting time, nothing better than seeing this up close and meeting the ewes & their lambs first hand.

You can join our Farmers – Neil, Nick, Antonia, Adelle, Jack, Liv, Vicky & Holly and all our family on our live video stream, streamed directly from Walby’s Animal Barn…

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Thank you for watching and we hope to see you at Walby soon!