Horses & Donkeys

We have lots of ponies, horses and donkeys here at Walby Farm Park and you will see them in the Animal Barn and get chance to meet some of them in our pony grooming sessions.

We have four Shetland ponies who can sleep standing up and like to roll and eat hay and grass. Micky-Nick likes to play tig and eat the occasional handbag when no one is looking, Miramar likes to look beautiful, Cracker enjoys an easy life, and Minnie is a little bit greedy!

Our two Clydesdale horses are Lady Alice and Mollie (who tweets most days!). Clydesdales used to work on the farm before tractors started doing their jobs, now they enjoy an easier life. Mollie is definitely the boss and Alice (who was born in June 2013) tends to lie down a lot as growing is hard work!

Treacle, Maple and Finbar are our three donkeys. Treacle was born here on the farm in 2008 and all of them enjoy being on guard the most. That and making a loud hee-haw noise…oh, and nibbling when people are not looking!