Undercover Play

We know what the British weather can be like, so we like to make sure the fun continues whatever the weather, so we’re often making improvements to our undercover play and indoor play areas.

The most recent addition to Walby Farm Park is our new undercover, Milecastle 62; a three-level Roman fort.

Did you know we are located on the line of Hadrian’s Wall between Milecastle 62 and Milecastle 63?  During the Roman Empire Milecastles were built to control people passing from one side of the wall to the other. Our Milecastle 62 attraction recreates the history of the site in a fun, interactive play experience for little ones of all ages and abilities.

Clamber the wooden walls and there is so much to explore:
• Climb ropes and slopes to the top turrets
• Balance along tree trunk beams
• Descend to ground level by slide or pole
• Dare to crawl through the top-level transparent tunnel
• Plus so much more!

There is also a fully accessible ramp up to the main Milecastle LXII structure and lookout point.

Designated Under 3s Area – Milecastle’s neighbouring Barbarian Village is the perfect place for pre-schoolers to let off steam! Tucked around the side of our Animal Barn, with seating also provided, it’s the ideal spot for youngsters to play undercover and under the watchful eye of parents.




Project: Walby Farm Park – Undercover Adventure
Funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development
RDPE 2014-2020 Growth Programme, Support for Investments on creation and development of non-agricultural activities.